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Based out of Vancouver, BC, Phytosurgence was born from curious minds determined to make skincare a luxurious, effective, and affordable ritual. Inspired by nature, but based on science. We believe transparent and conscious beauty need to come to the forefront of the beauty industry. Using fear mongering and scare tactics to sell products under claims such as "non-toxic" leads to misinformed consumerism, which we are standing up to.


Ingredients are sourced from responsible and reputable suppliers only. We then create small batches of product at a time in our (obviously sterilized) small potions room to make sure each product gets the love and care it deserves. No labs, no private labels, no premade ready to sell formulas. Everything is done by hand in a small team - and by small, I mean just me with the occasional help of my partner who I've committed to the task without even asking.


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