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Verdant Forcefield - Restorative Moisturizer

Verdant Forcefield - Restorative Moisturizer

Purpose: A skin barrier reinforcing moisturizer that helps hydrate, soothe, moisturize, and protect skin day and night. 


Since its release, Verdant Forcefield has also become known for its ability to make makeup look incredible when used as skin prep. It helps makeup look extremely skinlike, seamless, and apply with ease.


Texture: A mid-weight gel lotion that feels almost elastic or mochi like on the skin. Dries down and sinks into the skin after application.


A vitamin and botanical enriched moisturizer created with a blend of humectants, emolients, and occlusives to plump and protect the skin barrier. Its vibrant green colour comes from a mixture of both water and lipid based green tea extracts, which are rich in polyphenols, fatty acids, and a variety of vitamins and phytoactive compounds. As a mid-weight lotion texture, it is suitable for a variety of skin types and ages. 


If you're a fan of elastic, bouncy, and glowy skin - this will be your jam. A big favourite amongst all ages from teenagers to those with mature skin.


Packaging & Notes: 


80mL of product that comes in a plastic pump bottle. No outer packaging. Vegan.

  • Key Ingredient Highlights

    Panthenol - binds and holds onto hydration in skin, in addition to helping with cell turnover and healing

    Allantoin - a protective anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant to restore skin integrity

    PHAs - polyhydroxy acids to aide in moisture retention, very mild & gentle exfoliation, and maintaining pH of product. In this formulation, it functions more as a moisturizing ingredient rather than exfoliant. 

    Licorice Root - supports brightening skin with anti-inflammatory benefits 

    Centella - supports skin integrity and aides in wound healing

    Green Tea - potent anti-oxidant source from high concentration of polyphenols that can help target inflammation 

  • Ingredients

    Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, sodium lactate, glycerin, jojoba seed oil, propanediol, capric triglycerides, emulsifying wax nf, cetyl esters, panthenol, centella asiatica extract, green tea leaf extract, licorice root extract, isopropyl myristate, gluconolactone, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol and caprylyl glycol, allantoin, disodium edta, sodium hyaluronate, xanthan gum, rosemary leaf extract