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The Phytobrushes

The Phytobrushes

Say hello to our brushes! Each one is designed to work with a specific product of ours, but they all also work beautifully with other cream & powder products that you may already have. The Skyfluff & Skybuff were our original releases, and we now have the new Softquill brush joining the family soon!


They are created with a coated wooden handle and aluminum ferrule to be stain resistant, and synthetic Taklon brush hairs that are so incredibly soft and don't trap bacteria or product overtime.


Give them a good fluff and wash before using them!


Avoid getting the handle & ferrule wet to preserve the wood and integrity of the glue as much as possible.

  • The Brushes


    • Tapered, moderate density brush with a small sized brush head 
    • Designed to pick up Spectral Shine's dense and dry cream to powder formula and lay it on the skin seamlessly
    • Can be also used with other cream/some powder products 


    • A wider set, moderately dense and packed, medum sized brush head 
    • Designed to pair with Skin Spark Blush Balm's highly pigmented formula 
    • Also works with a variety of other cream & powder products, particularly great for precision

    Softquill (New release for 2023!):

    • A gently packed, medium sized duo-fibre stippling brush
    • Designed to work with Spectral Sunlight Cream Bronzer's texture & formula to pick up and disperse product with featherlike weight
    • Also feathers out other cream, liquid, and powder products beautifully