Skybuff & Skyfluff - Phytobrushes

Skybuff & Skyfluff - Phytobrushes

Say hello to the long awaited launch of our own custom makeup brushes. Welcome Skybuff and Skyfluff, the first two SKU's to enter the tool category of our little baby company. Given that our makeup formulas (namely Spectral Shine and Skin Spark) are so unique in their pigmentation, texture, and ideal application methods, we finally decided to create brushes designed to make these cream products melt into your skin. 


They are created with a coated wooden handle and aluminum ferrule to be stain resistant, and synthetic Taklon brush hairs that are so incredibly soft and don't trap bacteria or product overtime.


Wash before you use them! They might have a funky smell from the glue that'll go away after the first wash, but also hygiene. 


Avoid getting the handle & ferrule wet to preserve the wood and integrity of the glue as much as possible.

  • The Brushes



    • Tapered, low hair density brush with a moderately small sized brush head 
    • Designed to pick up Spectral Shine's incredibly dense and dry cream to powder formula and lay it on the skin seamlessly
    • Can be also used with other cream/some powder products 


    Directions: Swirl generously, like super generously, into the pan of Spectral Shine and buff and swipe the product over your face to impart the most delicious radiance 




    • A wider set, moderately dense and packed, medum sized brush head 
    • Designed to pair with Skin Spark Blush Balm's highly pigmented formula 
    • The density of the bristles allows for even dispersion and precise application of our cream blush without having to work vigorously and interrupting make up underneath, or from having blush travel all across your face... unless you want it to 


    Directions: The brush is ever so slightly tapered so that it can be dipped directly into our blush pots without picking up too much product. Gently swirl and glide the brush over the ideal areas you want blush in. Can also be softly tapped to blend product into skin