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frequently asked questions

1. Why does Phytosurgence not ship internationally?

In order to ship internationally, a cosmetic company needs to comply with regulations specific to a country/region. For instance, the EU requires a brand representative be present in the country for any official inquiries. Other countries require a company to acquire different labels, licenses, etc. to sell legally. We are currently not ready to start exploring these options yet, based on our size and team capacity. We hear all of your requests though! 

2. Why is US shipping cheaper than Canadian shipping?

We use an e-commerce focused, third party shipping service to the states.  With all US bound packages, the company drives down to the states and mails them within the USPS system, meaning we get access to very cheap shipping rates. It can cost us only $10 to ship to New York, but up to $20 to ship within Canada from Vancouver to Toronto. Again, it's not because we don't love our fellow Canadians. We already bite some of the shipping costs. 

3. Why can't I check out in US dollars?

The currency converter you see on our product pages are simply for US customers to see roughly how much our products will be after conversion into USD based on the current/active currency exchange rate. When you go to pay, you will checkout in CAD (Canadian dollars) because we are a Canadian company. Your credit card/PayPal/bank will automatically convert this into a USD charge when you pay. If you have questions regarding this, please look up currency conversion on your favourite search engine!

4. Can I have a discount or sale code?

 In order for us to keep our price point constant, we do not offer discounts or sales regularly. Our costs have increased by up to 4x through the last few years and we have chosen not to increase our prices. Respectfully, we ask that you do not try to "ask anyways" or shoot your shot. We don't think you'd go up to a make up counter or beauty store and expect them to give you a discount just for asking ;) - same thing here.

5. Is your mica sourced ethically?

Yep - child labour free, fare waged sourced mica only.

6. Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Yep. We may be looking into some non-vegan ingredients like beeswax into the future, but not for the time being.

7. Do you have retailers/stockists?

No, you can only purchase our products online via our website. We also do not do wholesale.

8. Do you send PR or collaborate with content creators/influencers?

We do not accept PR requests, nor do we have a PR list. We sometimes send products to creators we have developed working relationships with in a genuine manner over the course of time. We will also only work with creators we have existing relationships with for any and all paid opportunities.

9. Do you collaborate with or contribute to any charities?

We do not have any direct or ongoing relationships with charities. However, when and where we can, we try to support causes that resonate with us. In the past, we have donated to charities that support LGBTQ+ folk, indigenous peoples of Canada, anti-AAPI hate, safe access & protection of reproductive healthcare, and animal shelters/wildlife protection. This is of course not an exhaustive list of the things that matter to us.

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