frequently asked questions

1. Why do you not ship internationally?

In order to ship internationally, a cosmetic company needs to comply with regulations specific to a country/region. For instance, the EU requires a brand representative be present in the country for any official inquiries. Other countries require a company to acquire different labels, licenses, etc. to sell legally. All these things are too much for a team of two to manage, especially when selling within North America alone has us stretched thin already. Please be understanding and don't ask us questions like when we are going to start shipping to your country or if we can make an exception and do a custom shipment to you. We don't have a personal vendetta against you or your country but no means no.

2. Why is US shipping cheaper than Canadian shipping?

We use an e-commerce third party shipping service. We bring all of our packages to them, and they sort them out into USPS and Canada Post streams. With all US bound packages, the company drives down to the states and mails them within the USPS system, meaning we get access to very cheap shipping rates. It can cost us only $10 to ship to New York, but up to $20 to ship within Canada from Vancouver to Toronto. Again, it's not because we don't love our fellow Canadians. We already bite some of the shipping costs. 

3. Is your mica sourced ethically?

Yep - child labour free, fare waged sourced mica only.

4. Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Yep. We may be looking into some non-vegan ingredients like beeswax into the future, but not for the time being.

5. Do you have retailers/stockists?

Nope. We also have no plans to anytime soon. We also do not do wholesale.

6. Do you send PR or collaborate with content creators/influencers?

Nope. Unless you're Celine Dion, then yes Celine take anything you want for free you Canadian queen. But otherwise, it doesn't matter even if you have 10 million followers, the answer will forever be nope (politely and respectfully). Not that there is anything wrong or bad with brands doing PR, but it's just not part of our marketing plan. We understand that it probably means our product gets into fewer hands and fewer people hear about them, but we're ok with that.