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about us

Based out of Vancouver, BC, Phytosurgence was born from creative minds determined to make skincare and makeup an effective and affordable ritual for every day life. We aim to make high performance products, distilled from inspiration through ingredients and pigments found in nature.

We are a completely self funded operation with no backers or external help. Everything from formula development, production, packaging design, order fulfillment is done by our tiny team of two. Yep - there are a lot of sleepless nights and restless weekends. We are super active on Instagram with bringing you behind the scenes - so follow us there!

We are also proudly Asian and LGBTQ+ owned.

transparent & conscious beauty

We believe transparent and conscious beauty need to come to the forefront of the industry.


Transparency to us means doing away with the smoke and mirrors commonly seen in the beauty industry. For one, we feel using fear mongering and scare tactics to sell products under claims such as "non-toxic" or "clean" leads to misinformed consumerism, which we are standing up to.


We also aim to be transparent by being upfront with our customers with our product formulation, design, and selling process so everyone can see what goes on behind the scenes from thought conception down to the product being in your hands as a small indie brand. So if a launch is delayed, or if we don't offer the metal compact with a biodegradable pan featuring wildcrafted ingredients only - you'll know why. 


Being conscious. Skincare and makeup is not a necessity. Don't panic buy anything, use up what you have first, and make sure you aren't purchasing beyond your means! We aren't going anywhere, so no rush. 

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