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about us

Based out of Vancouver, BC, we at Phytosurgence create handcrafted skincare and makeup an effective, affordable ritual for every day life. Throughout the years, we've become known for crafting makeup in shades and textures you can't find anywhere else, as well as soothing and glow enhancing skincare people come back for time and time again.

We are a self funded company with no investors or external help. Everything from formula development, production, packaging design, order fulfillment is done by our tiny team of two. Our Instagram is where all the action is, to tune in for lots of behind the scenes and more!

We are also proudly Asian and LGBTQ+ owned!

transparent & conscious beauty

We believe transparent and conscious beauty needs to come to the forefront of the industry.

Transparency means we don't use scare tactics and labels like "clean", "preservative-free", or "non-toxic" to sell product. We love preservatives, because we don't think anyone wants mold in their products. We're also as upfront as possible with all aspects of our business. If you tell us about your makeup preferences and we don't think a specific product would match your style, we'll be the first to say "Maybe skip this one!".


Being conscious. Skincare and makeup is not a necessity. Don't panic buy anything, and make sure you aren't purchasing beyond your means. We're always happy to take the time to personalize product recommendations to our customers who ask. None of that "Run, don't walk" business. We aren't going anywhere, so no rush. 

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