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Based out of Vancouver, BC, Phytosurgence was born from curious minds determined to make skincare and makeup a luxurious, effective, and affordable ritual for every day life. Inspired by nature, but based on science.


We believe transparent and conscious beauty need to come to the forefront of the beauty industry. Using fear mongering and scare tactics to sell products under claims such as "non-toxic" leads to misinformed consumerism, which we are standing up to.


We also encourage everyone to be conscious of their spending. Skincare and makeup is not a necessity. Use up what you have in your collection first before mindlessly purchasing our (or other) products. We put too much time and effort into our products to be left forgotten and lost in a sea of items in your bathroom! We aren't going anywhere, so no rush.


We operate based on a micro-batch structure. This means nothing sits around in our storage for months and months waiting to be sold. Whenever you purchase something, you can rest easy knowing that it has been recently made.  

We are also very open with our formulation process. Our Instagram is always full of stories and posts of projects we are working on, so join us there to follow along and give us feedback on what you want to see from us. 


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