Skin Spark - Molten

Skin Spark - Molten

Hello spicy tangerine summer cheeks. Welcome Molten, our newest addition to our best selling Skin Spark Blush Balm line that was created with a special cause in mind. Similar to Swelter and Fervor, Molten has a low amount of white pigment in it, meaning it will work across the fairest to deepest of skintones without ever coming off ashy or pasty.


* For the full line up of our cream blushes including description and ingredients list, you can go look at our full listing for the original line here.


Pictured in Gallery:


Kai (@browneyeviews) wearing Molten on the cheeks


Charity Cause Info:


For at least 6 months after this shade launches, we will be donating 50% of all proceeds towards to the Small Animal Rescue Society of BC (SARS for short). We knew this would be the perfect first charity for us to dedicate a product towards, because our dear friend has been one of their volunteers for years and we love the work they do. SARS is a volunteer run, donation supported charity that provides aid to any small animal in need (ie. rabbits, mice, rats, hedgehogs, etc.). They rescue, rehabilitate, rehome small animals across the entire province, and also advocate for the little critters in spay/neuter initiatives, and education on proper care.


Volunteers also often foster small animals to make sure they have a safe haven to regroup, before being adopted into a set of loving arms in a forever home. These volunteers are often in parks for hours, trying to humanely trap and rescue abandoned pet rabbits, guinea pigs, and everything inbetween. Oh, and if a poor abandoned baby rat is in need at 2am? These volunteers waste no time in rushing over to lend a hand. True angels.


Unfotunately due to the horrific pandydandy, SARS has not been able to hold fundraisers for donations for over a year now. Especially with the extreme heat wave in Vancouver, leading to multiple animals having heat strokes and even dying, resources for small animals have been stretched thin. Additionally, many people often forget or don't realize that there are rescues and charities for small animals, and charities for cats and dogs see the most attention (equally important, might we note).


All in all, we just want to make sure all these small critters can have a lending hand where possible, and we hope that we can at least help make a little dent in their list of needs over the next few months.


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