Divine Daylight - Spectral Shine

Divine Daylight - Spectral Shine

Reformulation notice: As of December 2021 we have slightly tweaked the formula of all of Spectral Shine shades to be slightly more gel-like. The essence of the line has not changed, but it just makes it easier to pick up and use with a finger and brushes now.


Well.. due to overwhelming, non-stop, and incredible demand, Divine Daylight is joining the Spectral Shine Radiance Balm roster. Quick backstory - we often show off us combining leftover bits of product batches to create "Franken-" shades on our Instagram just for fun. But this combination of Spectral Shine turned out to be so crazy popular amongst all of our customers, they all pleaded that we release this as a shade.


As such, here you all are. Divine Daylight is a peachy neutral beige shade that sits between Mirrored Moonlight and Dew of Dawn in terms of depth, compared to the original line. 


Also - make sure you pick up our new Skybuff brush that's been designed specially for Spectral Shine's unique texture.


Please note - additional swatch photos coming soon. We weren't planning on releasing this until later in the fall but since every time we post a teaser we have to drag our bodies through a thick swamp of (lovely) DMs and emails about when it's being released... here it is ahead of schedule.



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